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Garden Services, Maintenance & Lawn Mowing in the Springwood area.

Jason Bishop

Hi, I'm Jason Bishop, your local Garden Services, Maintenance & Lawn Mowing franchisee in the Springwood area.

I have been a V.I.P. franchisee since 2015.. The thing I enjoy about owning my own V.I.P. franchise is the ability to work locally, spend more time with my family through flexible working hours and the confidence of having a reputable brand supporting my business goals. Prior to owning my own V.I.P. franchise I could see that there was a need for a top quality residential and commercial service for the Blue Mountains that not only focuses on lawn care, but also provides first class garden care.

I service the following areas:

  • Blackheath
  • Blaxland
  • Faulconbridge
  • Glenbrook
  • Hawkesbury Heights
  • Hazelbrook
  • Katoomba
  • Lawson
  • Leura
  • Linden
  • Mount Riverview
  • Springwood
  • Sun Valley
  • Valley Heights
  • Warrimoo
  • Wentworth Falls
  • Winmalee
  • Woodford
  • Yellow Rock

Contact me for a quote now:

Areas Covered include:

  • Blaxland 2774
  • Faulconbridge 2776
  • Glenbrook 2773
  • Hawkesbury Heights 2777
  • Hazelbrook 2779
  • Katoomba 2780
  • Lawson 2783
  • Leura 2780
  • Linden 2778
  • Mount Riverview 2774
  • Springwood 2777
  • Valley Heights 2777
  • Warrimoo 2774
  • Wentworth Falls 2782
  • Winmalee 2777
  • Woodford 2778
  • Yellow Rock 2777

Lawn Maintenance

A beautiful lawn makes the best impression to your friends, family, guests and business customers. Let me create it for you.

A lawn maintenance plan includes mowing, edging, weeding, fertilising, and top dressing.

A review of your grass type, soil conditions, local rainfall, drainage, and of course your budget will determine the plan I devise to get your lawns looking their very best.

Garden Maintenance

I deeply believe that you deserve a beautiful garden to enjoy without having to spend a lot of time working on it. A spruce of your garden, will leave you with more time to better spend with your family, and what better place to spend with your family...then in your beautiful garden.

I will gladly tailor a garden maintenance plan, based on whatever budget you have, and in a time frame you are happy with. 

A typical garden maintenance program includes weeding, fertilising, pruning, mulching, landscaping, and planting if needed. I can advise on plant selection to your taste and climate of your local area.

Block Clearing

If you have let your grass grow pass the point that your mower is not effective anymore. Don't despair. A one-off quote for slashing your grass back to a manageable height is not a problem. For whatever reason (time poor, age, health/fitness), a regular lawn maintenance plan can then be devised after the intial clearing of the block, if you are unable to keep up with the regular lawn maintenance yourself.

Retaining Walls

Living in the mountains can offer some steep gradients when it comes to your land.  Retaining walls in a wide range of materials are no problem. A simple retaining wall can really lift the look of your garden and also provide a level area for you to utilise more effectively.


One of the major causes for a house to burn in the event of a bushfire are gutters that are full of debris. In the mountains, gutters should be cleaned and maintained regularly. I provide both single and double storey gutter cleaning services.

There are a number of different leaf guard / gutter systems that I can install to reduce the build up of debris in your gutters. This would depend on the amount and type of trees around your house, and of course your budget as well. Spending money on a gutter guard system can save you money or time later in reduced gutter cleaning.

If you notice your gutters are a bit full, give V.I.P. a call on 13 26 13.

Pressure Cleaning

Bring your driveway, paths, or retaining walls back to life by having them pressure cleaned. I have a 3600 PSI petrol powered commercial pressure cleaner, that makes light work of any job.


Got a broken gate latch or door that needs fixing? I'm more than happy to help with most jobs around the house a garden. 

Rubbish Removal

If you have done a cleanup on the weekend, give V.I.P. a call and I will organise to remove the rubbish for you. I offer a very cost effective service.

Free, No Obligation Quote

Call 13 26 13 for a free, no obligation quote. I look forward to meeting you!


Front Garden 'Before'
Front Garden 'Before'
Front Garden 'After'
Front Garden 'After'
Back Garden 'Before'
Back Garden 'Before'
Back Garden 'After'
Back Garden 'After'
Decking 'Before'
Decking 'Before'
Decking 'After'
Decking 'After'
Stairs (1) After
Stairs (1) After
Stairs (1) Before
Stairs (1) Before
Stairs (2) After
Stairs (2) After
Stairs (2) Before
Stairs (2) Before


From: Peter from Wentworth Falls

Jason is a reliable, honest and hard worker who goes beyond the call of duty and his work is excellent. 

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