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Garden Services, Maintenance & Lawn Mowing in the Oaklands Park area.

Hi, I'm Geoffrey Greenham, your local Garden Services, Maintenance & Lawn Mowing franchisee in the Oaklands Park area.

I have been a V.I.P. franchisee since 1996.

I service the following areas:

  • North Brighton
  • Oaklands Park

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Lawn Maintenance

A beautiful lawn makes the best impression to your friends, family, guests and business customers.

A lawn maintenance plan includes mowing, edging, weeding and fertilising. 

I also consult with you on the soil conditions and rainfall for the Oaklands Park 5046 area.


Garden Maintenance

You deserve the feeling of pride knowing that your garden is the best it can be. Let me look after your garden like I look after my own - with care and attention to detail. 

A typical Garden Maintenance program includes weeding, pruning, mulching and fertilising. 

I can also consult on plant selection for the Oaklands Park soil conditions.



Full gutters can be a fire risk in the hotter months and a flood risk whenever it rains.

If you notice your gutters are a bit full, give V.I.P. a call on 13 26 13.


Rubbish Removal

I remove the cutting and trimmings of the normal work I do for you, but if you have a clean-up on the weekend, give V.I.P. a call on 13 26 13 and I can arrange the removal of the rubbish for you.


No Obligation Free Quote

Call 13 26 13 for a no obligation free quote - I look forward to meeting you!


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