Is Your Carpet Cleaning Technician Qualified? It Matters!

29 Apr 22

When you lead a busy life, you naturally want to book a service quickly and effortlessly. And when it comes to professional carpet cleaning, aren’t all providers the same?

Not exactly. That’s why it’s essential to check your carpet cleaning technician is certified – so you can have peace of mind that your home and valuable belongings will be cleaned and cared for to the highest standards. Spending a few minutes now could save you a huge headache later on!


What is ITI or IICRC certification?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and Interactive Training International (ITI) sets the industry standards for inspection, restoration and cleaning technicians. Getting certified is a tough process. Technicians must complete an ITI or IICRC-approved program and exam, by an approved instructor, at an approved school.

Companies can also become certified if they hire at least one ITIIICRC or ITI certified technician and adhere to a strict code of ethics, rules and regulations. You can book a certified carpet cleaning service with us today.


Why choose a certified carpet cleaning technician?

As you can see, ITI or IICRC certification isn’t a tick-the-box activity. But you might be wondering why we bother with certification in the first place. After all, it’s just carpet cleaning!

Actually, cleaning and sanitising your carpets is a serious job that calls for specialist skills. In an unregulated industry, anyone can use a vacuum with some nice smelling products, to give the illusion of a clean and hygienic environment. But it takes so much more than that.

Certified carpet cleaning technicians like ours have done in-depth training. Not only have they studied the chemistry and microbiology of soils found in the home, they also know how to expertly treat germs, allergens and other nasties. So as well as your carpets looking and smelling clean, you can also enjoy a genuinely healthier indoor environment.

As Ricki Nash, V.I.P. 's National General Manager for Carpet Cleaning & More, says: “When you see the acronym ITI or IICRC, you realise you’re seeing someone who has completed training and is committed to keeping it updated.”

“You know they’re someone you can trust to do the job well.”

Book your deep carpet clean today.


What happens if I hire someone who isn’t certified?

Hiring a certified carpet cleaning technician is a bit like having a qualified mechanic service your car. You get what you pay for! And while your carpets (like your car) might seem the same afterwards, the difference is under the surface.

Many solo carpet cleaners in Australia aren’t trained to the or ITI or IICRC’s strict standards. That means they may not have:

  • insurance
  • quality tried and tested cleaning products
  • knowledge of the best practices to get the best results
  • specialised stain treatments
  • carpet and fabric protection
  • proven sanitisation like V.I.P. activeguard™
  • the backing of a trusted carpet cleaning company
  • easy to recognise identification and/or uniform
  • professional signage and equipment

You may also find they don’t offer a complete home service that includes cleaning carpets, upholstery, tiles and grout, air conditioning, mattresses, leather and mould. At the same time, they might offer heavily discounted carpet cleaning that seems too good to be true!

All these things can increase the risk of over-wetting the carpet (making it easier for bacteria and mould to grow), damaging your carpets with harsh chemicals, and carpets that re-stain easily.


How do I book a certified carpet cleaning technician?

It’s easy – and you don’t even have to shop around!

As a certified company with certified technicians, V.I.P. offers a premium service with V.I.P. activeguard™ to genuinely sanitise and safeguard your home.

For complete peace of mind, book your professional carpet cleaning service today.

Is Your Carpet Cleaning Technician Qualified? It Matters!