5 benefits of regular carpet cleaning

30 Jun 22

Just like going to the dentist or getting your car serviced, carpet cleaning is one of those things that’s best left to the professionals – and done regularly to keep looking and performing at its best.

So if you’ve been wondering whether investing in regular carpet cleaning is a good idea, here are 5 reasons why:

#1: You live your life on them

When you think about it, your floors see it all: the good days and the bad, the play times and nap times, pets running amok and your family growing up. And that means your carpets not only have to endure more wear and tear than other things in your home – they also absorb all the dirt, dander, debris and everything else that enters it.

In fact, did you know if your carpets aren’t cleaned often enough, they can become a safe haven for allergens and bacteria?

By having your carpets cleaned regularly by an ITI qualified and accredited technician, you can rest easy knowing your home is as clean and hygienic as possible for you and your loved ones.

#2: It combats stubborn stains

Whether it’s from wine spills, the dog having an accident, or the kids upending the spaghetti, your carpets are sure to start showing stains almost from the day you get them!

And while regular vacuuming is good at picking up surface dirt, it can never lift those tough stains – nor can everyday household cleaning products.

An ITI accredited carpet cleaning technician uses professional-grade equipment and products to deep clean your floors and remove heavy soiling. And better still, regular carpet cleaning reduces the risk of new stains becoming permanent. By keeping on top of stains and soiling, your carpet will look as fresh and new for as long as possible.

#3: Your carpets will last longer

Quality carpets don’t come cheap. And all that dirt, debris, chemicals and other nasties that build up in your carpets can erode the fibres and shorten their shelf-life.

But by scheduling regular, professional carpet cleaning, your carpets won’t need to be replaced as often – which can also assist the value of your property.

#4: Your home will smell better

There’s nothing worse than a mystery smell hanging over your home. And often, it comes from deep within the carpet – especially if it’s been a while between cleans.

An ITI qualified and accredited carpet cleaning technician will deoderise as well as deep clean your carpets. So not only will your floors look and smell fresh, your entire home will too.

#5: You’ll simply feel better!

Just like a thorough teeth cleaning, keeping your carpets clean, fresh and sanitised year-round can give you the confidence and peace of mind that your home is a healthy and hygienic environment for you, your family and your guests.

Book your deep carpet clean and more today

Now you know some of the great benefits and tips for keeping your carpets clean and well maintained, you’re ready to book a regular service.

A good rule of thumb is to hire an ITI accredited carpet cleaning technician at least once a year. However, you may need it done more regularly, especially if you have pets at home or your carpets are starting to look (and smell!) a little worse for wear.

For complete peace of mind, book your professional carpet cleaning service today.


Disclaimer: The content in this article is intended to be informational only and does not constitute cleaning advice.

5 benefits of regular carpet cleaning