How to choose the best carpet cleaning service for your home

27 Apr 23

How to choose the best carpet cleaning service for your home

Did you know that your carpets are the second biggest investment in your home? That’s why industry experts recommend regular professional carpet cleaning together with home cleaning, to keep them in the best condition for as long as possible.

So when it comes to choosing the best carpet cleaning service in your area, it pays to shop around and ask these 5 questions.

And if you’re after more tips, check out these 4 reasons why you need professional carpet cleaning.

1. Is my carpet cleaning technician certified?

This matters more than you might realise, which is why it’s our top tip on the list. In Australia, anyone can call themself a carpet cleaning technician – which is quite risky when you consider the damage an unqualified and inexperienced person can cause to your carpets and your home. If you’ve ever hired a carpet cleaning machine and tried to do it yourself, you’ll know what we mean (hello damp, smelly carpets!)

So first up: check that your carpet cleaning technician holds industry accreditation, such as ITI. That way, you can be confident they have been properly trained and qualified in the chemistry of carpet cleaning, they know what products and procedures will work best for your carpets, and they will provide a carpet cleaning service that meets Australian Standard 3733/1995 as a minimum.

2. Is it the right price?

With the cost of living continuing to climb, many of us are having to look for ways to cut back. While switching to a cheaper brand of toilet paper probably won’t make much difference to your health and wellbeing (at least we hope not!), choosing the cheapest carpet cleaning service can be a gamble.

Professional cleaning calls for specialist skills, techniques and equipment (not to mention a significant investment in training, insurance, vehicles, taxes and wages) – and this is reflected in the price of the service. So if a home cleaning company offers you a bargain basement price, it’s likely that they are unskilled (see our tip above) and won’t be able to guarantee a good result. Basically, cheap = red flag.

Given that you only need to have your carpets expertly cleaned a few times a year at most, it’s worth including the cost of professional carpet cleaning in your household budget. Then you can have total peace of mind that you’ll get the best possible results – along with these benefits of regular carpet cleaning.

3. Are they from a trusted company?

You’ve checked that your carpet cleaning technician is industry accredited, and the price is right. Next, you’ll want to take a few minutes to make sure their business is reputable. 

Look at their online reviews and social media accounts to see how many happy customers they have. A reputable carpet cleaning service also won’t mind sharing contact details of previous customers who are willing to be contacted. This might seem like a tedious step – until you consider how valuable your carpets and home are!

4. Do they use the latest technology and carpet cleaning equipment?

Like other industries, carpet cleaning is constantly evolving with new technologies. So by engaging a professional carpet cleaning service, you can feel safe knowing that they will use the most advanced, high-performance equipment and techniques for the job – whether that’s for high traffic areas, tackling an unusual carpet stain, working with a delicate fabric, or avoiding a particular chemical that someone in your family is sensitive to.

But don’t worry: you don’t need to get a degree in carpet cleaning yourself to find this out! Just ask your technician. It should quickly become clear whether they know what they’re doing or not.

5. Do you feel good about the service?

You’ve gone through all the above checks, so what’s left to do before booking with your chosen carpet cleaning service? Give them a call and see what their customer service is like. Are they friendly or abrupt? Helpful or harried? Do they guarantee their work if you’re not happy?

But above all, go with your gut. Like any house cleaning service, they should be professional in every aspect: from your initial enquiry, to when the carpet cleaner arrives on time and in uniform, and how to deal with you and your belongings on the job.

If you follow these 5 simple steps, you’re likely to find a home carpet cleaning service you can rely on. And that’s well worth the effort!

Book your professional carpet cleaning service with our friendly accredited technicians today.

How to choose the best carpet cleaning service for your home