10 Fairy Garden ideas to spark the imagination and delight!

05 Oct 16

Tiny, elegant figurines, combined with mystique and intrinsic wonder, is a great way to inspire imagination and creative play.

What if the fairy garden was hidden so your little ones can feel like it is a secret world that only they can find?

Here are 10 fairy gardens that you can create for your little ones to enjoy.

1. Wheel barrow fairy garden
Have you ever wondered what to do with that old, rusted wheel barrow? Don’t have the garden space to create the fairy garden of your little ones dreams?

Combine the two and create a magical space for your child to enjoy. All you have to do is paint and gloss the wheel barrow and the fairy garden ideas can flow from here.

Use plenty of furniture garden ornaments and figurines and pieces to bring the idea to reality.

You will also be helping to eliminate your carbon footprint by recycling a piece of ‘old junk’ into something that can be enjoyed.

2. Tea party fairy garden
Perhaps you don’t have a huge backyard? Here’s a miniature fairy garden idea that can fit into any home!

This is the perfect piece to go on your kitchen window sill. This fairy garden can match any home design or style and allow your children’s imagination to run wild.

You will need a decent sized tea cup to create the perfect fairy garden. If you have one, you’re your imagination run wild with fairy garden accessories.

3. Fairies on vacation
Everyone deserves some time off from their busy lives, even the fairies. This is another fairy garden that is easy to put together.

Simply gather a metal rim container or even a metal cake pan, insert some sand, shells, palm trees and any beachy figurines that you can find. A retro car and some surfboards add the finishing touches so you children can imagine a fun-packed trip to the beach with the fairies.

4. Swinging with joy
Fairies love to play and laugh and what better way for fairies to do this than to swing underneath a mystical branch during summer evenings.

All you need is a bent over piece of branch, some twine and a couple of screws to secure the swing to the leaning branch in your mini-fairy garden.

Now decorate to suit you. Add some greenery, tiny flowers, and even fairy lights to bring the magic to life.

5. Treehouse Fun
If you’ve got a tree, then you have most of what you will need.

An old, rusted wheel barrow, some wire fencing around the perimeter of the tree, a fairy doorway and a flexible wooden ladder make up the rest of your what you need.

Don’t forget the twigs, branches and green cuttings that you’ve salvaged from your yard. Use a solar panel fairy lights so the fairies can find a place to stay when night falls.

6. Mushroom Fairy Garden
Everyone knows that fairies live in toad stalls. Why don’t you make your own mushroom garden so the fairies can come and stay?

This is a simple design that only requires grass and coloured mushroom figurines.

Let your imagination run wild and adapt this design however you want.

7. Bird Bath Fairy Garden
Turn your unwanted bird bath into a paradise for the fairies.

All you need are figurines to turn this into a reality.

Create a path into the house so the fairies don’t get lost and line the fairy garden with a swing, bench and some greenery.

8. Broken planter pot fairy garden
Another way to recycle your broken items. This time you can reuse your broken garden pots or even have some fun cracking and smashing some that you don’t need anymore.

These charming broken fairy pots are a great way to create a fairy fantasy land!

9. Night time fairy garden
Beautiful by day, but magical at night.

Adding solar powered lights can turn your garden from something your children love playing with to a statement you love staring at when night falls.

10. The life size fairy garden
Imagine your kids running through this garden, laughing and playing with the fairies.

You can design this garden however you like and to fit the size and design of the rest of your backyard.

Use doors, bridges and pathways so the fairies can move from tree to tree and create a home where your children can visit and play, it would keep kids busy for ages!

Your children will love creating memories with this garden.

Check out one of our franchisees Mike Johnson and how he created a fairy garden for many children to enjoy.

10 Fairy Garden ideas to spark the imagination and delight!