How's your garden looking this Spring?

08 Sep 20

Been hibernating through the whole of Winter and watching Netflix? Can't blame you! But you might get a bit of a shock when youn come out of the house this Spring to find your garden looking less than its best. Let the team at V.I.P give you all the help you need this Spring to get your garden back into tip top shape!

Start slowly in the garden  
We know it’s tempting but please don’t throw yourself into hours of clearing, cleaning gutters and gardening, straight out of the blocks. You might be sore and sorry the next day. Because somehow, gardening always tends to take much longer than you think it will. So pace yourself — especially if the most exercise you’ve done in the past few months is to reach for the remote! 

Where do you begin? 
A messy garden that hasn’t had any TLC for a few months can be a bit overwhelming. So you may be wondering where on earth do you begin? Ok, let’s look at the plants. Half are dead, half aren’t, and the other half are overgrowing their spot or their pot. Click through to our blog post on Planting for lots of great tips and tricks! 

Let’s take a look at the lawn  
Is it looking a bit scrappy or patchy? Maybe it needs some TLC. Time to top dress with the right fertiliser, maybe add some nice new soil, perhaps throw some lawn seed around - that should be a good start! 

Next it’s time for the garden beds 
Are they looking a bit flat? Maybe they need some soil improver to top them up, and a nice soaking in of some fresh nutrients.  

Weeds love the springtime 
If you’ve got weeds galore it’s not surprising at all. They’ve had a nice soaking of rain over winter, and now with the temperatures getting warmer, they’re just waiting to pop up all over the place. And gee, do they grow fast! So, now’s the perfect time to get stuck into the weeding.  

Hate weeding? 
No worries, relax and let V.I.P handle all of your Spring Gardening for you. Call us on 13 26 13 today and we’ll organise your local V.I.P. lawnie to come out to your place and take care of those pesky weeds for you asap.  


Photo by Daniel Watson on Unsplash

How's your garden looking this Spring?