Donald Seymour

Garden Services, Maintenance & Lawn Mowing

Garden Services, Maintenance & Lawn Mowing in Canberra.

Hi, I'm Donald Seymour, your local Garden Services, Maintenance & Lawn Mowing franchisee in Canberra.

I have been a V.I.P. franchisee since 1998. The thing I enjoy about owning my own V.I.P. franchise is meeting my customers and helping them achieve beautiful lawns and gardens.

Prior to owning my own V.I.P. franchise I was a public servant.

If you are looking for an efficent, reliable and thorough lawn and garden maintenace man in the ACT- give V.I.P. a call on 13 26 13 for a quote. 

I not only mow lawns but I also care for them by fertilising, cring and weeding. I am able to hedge trim your trees, provide advice on which plant to have in your garden.

I am one of the few that can do stump removal.

I can mulch your garden and I provide a rubbish removal service for rubbish in addition to my lawn clippings and garden trimmings - great if you have a 'clean out'

Full gutters can be a fire risk - so I not only clean gutters but can consult on the install of the LeafStopper guarding system for gutters - meaning you wont need your gutters cleaned again.

We are also able to provide slashing and tree trimming services.

For corporate customers large areas of turf are easily maintained by our ride on mower and knowledge of fertilisers and weed control. 

My clients include home owners, offices, light industrial, retail shops, hotels, carparks, government departments and body corporates.

All are seeking the pride of a well maintained and beautiful lawn and garden.

If you would like a garden that you can be proud of, give V.I.P. a call on 13 26 13. I'm looking forward to meeting with you,

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