Comprehensive Irrigation Services

Maintaining a green, lush garden throughout the year, even under water restrictions, is achievable with V.I.P. Lawn and Garden Maintenance’s irrigation services. Our friendly franchisees offer custom irrigation solutions that cater to your specific needs, budget, garden area, and garden type. We consider all your needs to make sure the system we install is perfect for you.

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Customised Irrigation Solutions

At V.I.P., we get that every garden is one-of-a-kind. Our team of experts is great at irrigation design and irrigation installations that match your needs. We have a range of irrigation services including drip irrigation, irrigation controllers, valves and pipework, and sub-surface irrigation.

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Expert Installation and Maintenance

Our irrigation experts have extensive knowledge on environmental requirements and are well- trained to install irrigation systems efficiently and reliably. Whether you’re into a new irrigation project or just need some upgrades to an existing one, our team is ready to lend a hand including installation of pump stations.

Sustainable and Efficient Solutions

V.I.P.'s water filtration systems are specially crafted to keep your irrigation setup debris-free. With this, water is efficiently used and reduces your need for local water supply. Its cost effectiveness will trim down your water bill while doing your bit to preserve our precious resources.

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We also offer a range of services:

With this wide range of services, including specialised house cleaning services and commercial cleaning services, we've got everything you need to keep your property looking its best, inside and out.

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